VP Kamala and Biden Exposed Their Midterm Desperation

VP Kamala and Biden Exposed Their Midterm Desperation

It is not a secret that Democrats are attempting to maintain as much distance between Joe and Kamala as is humanly possible. Because Democrats are so concerned about what President Biden might do to undermine their chances of winning, the staff at the White House will not even permit reporters to question the man.

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, his Vice president, have been absent from the campaign trail. Their appearance with a candidate would bring to voters’ minds how poorly Biden has performed in his job of keeping the country united. How weak must a candidate’s standing be for him to seek the help of someone as reviled as Joe Biden in order to improve his image?

Wow. How pitiful is that? Due to John Fetterman’s terrible performance in the debate, the race that was already close between him and Republican Mehmet Oz was ultimately lost. The entire state of Pennsylvania was aware of the Democrat’s true identity, which was that of a sick guy who has not fully recovered from the stroke he suffered in the summer.

There are indicators that he won’t win, and Democrats are getting increasingly anxious. As a result, the brilliant strategists who are directing his campaign are pinning their hopes on the two worst leaders in the United States. The other Democrats don’t want Joe or Kamala within an arm’s length of them at any time. However, both of these idiots are going to be pushing for Fetterman.

However, not very much. Both Biden and Harris are bad when it comes to speaking in front of an audience. It would appear that Biden is seeing a decrease in his mental capacity. And Harris, although being a young woman, is incapable of completing even the simplest of sentences. Her use of confusing phrases is just as humiliating as Joe Biden’s gaffes. However, when compared to Fetterman, who opened the discussion by saying “Hello, Good night, everyone,” both of them come off sounding like Harvard professors.

Putting Fetterman’s support in the hands of Biden sounds like an extremely dangerous gamble. In the majority of recent polls, approval for Biden is below 40%, while his disapproval rating is in the upper 40s to low 50s. As a result of the strain that inflation and rising gas prices place on their budgets, many Americans feel compelled to vote against Joe Biden and the party he represents.