The Blue State Governor Went Off the Rails

The Blue State Governor Went Off the Rails

In Michigan, a seat that used to be considered secure for Democrats is now considered toss-up territory. Gretchen Whitmer, the Democratic candidate for governor of Michigan, is in a panic when surveys showed that her Republican opponent, Tudor Dixon, was making gains. Whitmer’s lead has been diminished as a result of her intimate affiliation with Biden she practically clasped hands with him, as well as her failure to address important points of concern raised by voters.

During her debate with Dixon, the situation for the Democrat went from bad to worse. Whitmer believed that she could embarrass Republicans by mocking their worries about inappropriate material being included in textbooks used in public schools. That had an instant negative effect on her.

Because she was included in a photograph supporting transgender and gay rights organizations, this controversy has been extremely distressing for Whitmer. She made an effort to change Dixon’s mind about the matter, but the Republican was able to slam the door in her face. When it came to a different significant matter, Dixon exposed Whitmer’s vulnerability, which was the fatal blow that she dealt.

The number of people who died in 2018 of drug overdoses was 2,599 before Whitmer assumed office. They skyrocketed to a total of 3,040 in just two years’ time due to an increase in overdose deaths. These are truths that Whitmer cannot just ignore or dismiss. The number of people who have died in the state as a result of an overdose of drugs has increased under her leadership. Smugglers who cross the border between the United States and Mexico bring in fentanyl, the deadliest drug on the market.

In spite of this, Whitmer has shown her support for Joe Biden by refusing to back efforts to protect our border. She has been silent on Biden’s inability to protect our border and prevent these drugs from reaching communities in her state, and she has not criticized him for this failure.

In response, Dixon has advocated for an increase in the number of police officers that are available to combat the growing problem of drug usage. In addition to this, she committed to supporting the police force in Michigan rather than working to defund them.

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