A New Major Investigation Opens Up on D.C Democrats

A New Major Investigation Opens Up on D.C Democrats

This has been proven to be correct on numerous occasions. When you turn over a rock, you’ll find a Democrat doing something questionable behind it. It has come to light that Democrats elected to high office have engaged in shocking behavior all across the country. In some instances, they broke the law in order to amass filthy and stench-filled wealth for themselves.

However, far too frequently, these Democrats are not held accountable for their actions. That is largely attributable to the fact that members of their party work cooperatively to obstruct the administration of justice. On Capitol Hill, there is a prominent Democrat who was previously indicted on several serious counts. However, his party assisted in getting all of them out of there.

It would appear that he was powerless to stop himself, nevertheless. Additionally, he is the subject of yet another FBI inquiry. You got that right. An investigation is currently being conducted by the federal government into Bob Menendez, who is considered to be one of the numerous stains that mar the reputation of the Democrats. The Department of Justice brought bribery accusations against him not too long ago. However, the charges were dropped because the jury was unable to make a decision.

It’s possible that influential Democrats like Chuck Schumer persuaded Obama’s Department of Justice to abandon the entire case after that.

Menendez is, for reasons that we are unable to fathom, once more the focus of a federal investigation. At this point, there has been the issuance of at least one subpoena. And yet another investigation has been opened into allegations of bribery against Menendez. This time, it involves a whole different group of individuals than before.

Some Americans may have the misconception that Menendez wanted to repeat his illegal behavior because he realized he could get away with it the first time. Although we can’t say for certain whether or not the allegations are true, we do know that this individual has a history of engaging in questionable behavior and being the subject of investigations. In the Dominican Republic, about ten years ago, he was found guilty of pursuing minor girls with the intent to sexually exploit them.

It is not yet apparent what the results of this latest probe will be. Considering who is in charge of the Department of Justice, however, it is impossible to accuse it of being politically motivated. It’s possible that the evidence against Menendez is so strong that the Department of Justice, which is currently headed by Democrats, is powerless to ignore it.



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