The Democrats are In Worse Trouble Than Expected

The Democrats are In Worse Trouble Than Expected

People believed that the red wave that Republicans rode to victory in last year’s elections was beginning to recede for a while. The narrative of the midterm elections was successfully shifted away from Joe Biden’s failures and onto issues such as abortion. But despite their best efforts, the effects of Biden’s broken economy, open border, rising taxes, and unchecked crime are still having a negative impact on the American people.

The polls have changed in response to the increasing proximity of the elections. The Democrats no longer have an advantage in races that should have been won easily by them. The liberals were forced to make a hasty effort to participate in the debates in the vain hope of preserving their chances. That was received exactly how one would anticipate: very positively. And now, as more races flip, the left is experiencing a growing sense of panic.

Just days before the big midterm elections, races that were once considered to be “safe” are now considered to be either toss-ups or more favorable for Republicans. It appears as though the unthinkable is taking place in New York, where the Republican candidate for governor, Lee Zeldin, is gaining ground on Kathy Hochul.

It seems that the same thing is happening in contests for congressional seats. Other seats that were previously thought to be safe bets for Democrats are now considered to be much more competitive. The results of numerous polling organizations point to significant victories for Republicans in upcoming local, state, and federal elections. There is a growing groundswell of support for Republicans to win back control of the Senate.

The vast majority of people shouldn’t find any of this surprising at all. Democrats stood by and watched as President Joe Biden destroyed our nation. He pushed for rules that put jobs in the United States in danger, ignored an already struggling supply chain, prohibited oil extraction, and wasted money that was paid for by taxpayers.

The economy has suffered significant damage, which has a negative impact on people from all walks of life in the United States. In the meantime, neither Joe nor his party is accepting responsibility for anything, despite the fact that they have ruled Washington for the past two years.

Why would it be in the best interest of Americans to keep electing this party? Even at this late stage, they are promising more of the same, which has the potential to not only send the country into a recession but also into a full-fledged depression.

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