President Biden Makes Serious Gas Price Claim

President Biden Makes Serious Gas Price Claim

Joe Biden is often misunderstood by his fellow countrymen in the United States. We frequently find ourselves in the position of trying to determine if he has completely lost his mind or is simply being dishonest with us. And we can’t decide which of these two options is the worse! There are numerous occasions when he makes statements that cause his own administration to retreat or correct themselves.

The most recent of his whoppers is making the fact-checkers act like Chicken Little. It was obvious that he was attempting to justify his ineffective energy strategy, which has been detrimental to the lives of millions of Americans. However, what he asserted is not even close to being true.

Um… what exactly is going on here? We are all aware that Joe Biden does not have a particularly healthy relationship with the truth. Biden was caught in the act of making things up long before he held the office of president. In the 1980s, he was forced to withdraw from the presidential run after it was discovered that he had plagiarized famous speeches.

Since that time, he has developed the habit of just making statements while assuming they will prove to be accurate. That situation has only become worse in recent times, as he frequently gets fundamental facts, dates, and names mixed up. However, in this particular case, Biden is unable to blame dementia.

There is no justification for Biden’s belief that the price of gasoline was $5 a gallon in January of 2021. The national average of $2.38 per gallon was astonishingly low compared to other prices. The price of a gallon of gas did not reach $5 until June 2022, much over a year into the government of Joe Biden.

It is clear that President Biden believes he can wiggle out of his culpability for the current gas issue. It was President Biden who put his signature on the directives that prohibited oil drilling on federal territory. It was Biden’s decision to put restrictions on ANWAR and to impose stringent rules, which led to an increase in the cost of oil production.

And it is Biden who travels around the world groveling before other governments in an attempt to buy oil, only to be laughed at. I believe it is safe to state that Biden is, once again, making things up and expecting all of us to trust what he says without question. Biden appears to believe that he can sidestep all of those pointless facts and pieces of data. You have no choice but to accept any assertions he makes as true.

If a reporter has the audacity to challenge him, even a liberal reporter, he will treat them as though they are the filthiest people on the planet. Is this the appropriate approach for a president to behave in this situation? Trump was under continual attack from Democrats, who frequently distorted his statements and took them out of context while doing so. But he never lied to us or demanded that we believe whatever he made up.

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