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Gov Ron DeSantis Hammers Democrat in Debate

Gov Ron DeSantis Hammers Democrat in Debate

This week saw a discussion between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his Democratic opponent, Charlie Crist. To tell you the truth, DeSantis didn’t have to debate this guy at all. In addition to having a lead in the polls, he has outspent his opponent by millions of dollars.

Even the Democratic National Committee does not think Crist can win. However, in contrast to moderate Democrats seeking re-election in blue states, DeSantis is committed to engaging in debates with his opponents. Give the voters an opportunity to see the potential consequences of voting for this Democrat.

How did Crist show his gratitude for this act of generosity on the part of the governor? He made an attempt to criticize how DeSantis had dealt with Hurricane Ian. Woah. Discuss the raging inferno. DeSantis heaped admiration on the hardworking lineman in Florida, of which there were a total of 42,000, who contributed to the state’s recovery following the devastating hurricane. He went so far as to highlight the islands that had become isolated from the mainland as a result of the destruction of their bridges.

The detractors predicted that it would be anywhere from three months to one year before they could link with Florida. Access could be gained to one island in three days. The other one’s bridge was fixed up in a matter of two weeks. To say that Governor DeSantis led a remarkable response to the catastrophe would be an understatement. Even the more left-leaning media outlets were unable to find anything to criticize.

What exactly was Governor Crist doing when the hurricane struck and the state was thrown into complete chaos? He had fled to Puerto Rico to conceal his identity! Really? This man has his sights set on becoming governor. On the other hand, he was nowhere to be seen while Ian was wreaking havoc on the state. Why wasn’t he down there, offering assistance in whatever capacity he could?

If Crist had taken advantage of this opportunity, he may have demonstrated his capacity for leadership. Why didn’t he put his animosity for DeSantis aside and work with him for the betterment of the state instead of acting out of his party bias? Joe lauded the work that DeSantis has accomplished, stating, I think he’s done a terrific job.

However, Crist ridiculed DeSantis’ efforts and even attempted to fundraise off of those who were negatively affected by the storm. What can you possibly have to say about such a useless person? Even then, DeSantis wasn’t done damaging Crist’s campaign.

Ouch! Crist, who had no arguments, plainly tried to damage DeSantis’ reelection bid by alleging that he would leave the state to run for president in 2024. DeSantis was the incumbent governor of Florida at the time. What a fool you are. The idea of DeSantis running for president has never been broached in public. All of this is rumor and supposition from the media. But the shrewd politician DeSantis utilized it to his advantage and defeated Crist. I have my doubts about the Democrat’s ability to make a comeback.


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