Elon Musk Executes Serious Changes On Twitter

Elon Musk Executes Serious Changes On Twitter

It was a day that very few people had anticipated would actually occur. Following the completion of Elon Musk’s takeover this past Friday, the massive social media platform Twitter is no longer a publicly traded corporation. The contentious and predominantly progressive corporation was purchased by the billionaire for a cool $44 billion.

In addition, he didn’t spend any time before implementing significant modifications. First and foremost, he took control of the website’s algorithmic structure and liberated it from the far-left socialists who had been destroying it.

It would appear that Musk does not trust the individuals who have been responsible for Twitter’s downward trajectory. He has given instructions to his own engineers at Tesla, who is responsible for developing his extremely successful electric cars, to investigate and, ultimately, rebuild the software that makes Twitter function. However, that was only the beginning. Musk is beginning his purge at the very top of the company.

It appears that Mr. Musk spent additional time analyzing Twitter’s actual problems before purchasing the company. It wasn’t so much that he was concerned about the site’s user counts as he was interested in finding out which executives were bringing it to its knees.

The vast majority of people are of the opinion that members of the political extreme left have been responsible for the decline of the once-thriving social network. Republicans, Trump supporters, and anyone who criticized the media’s story of COVID were subjected to a despicable level of suppression on Twitter because of the actions of Twitter’s top operators (or anything else).

Musk did not spend any time removing Twitter’s CEO, CFO, and general counsel from their positions. In addition to them, he added Vijaya Gadde, who had previously served as the head of the department known as “legal policy, trust, and safety.” It is believed that this individual was responsible for the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop controversy as well as the banning of President Trump while he was still in office.

It’s not by chance that Elon is worth a billion dollars. As a result of his lack of business acumen, he is not the wealthiest guy on the planet either. It would appear that he has the belief that these users caused harm to Twitter, most likely as a result of the actions they made to support suppression.

The liberals who work for the corporation are having a nervous breakdown out of concern that they will be the next target. However, it does not appear that Musk is dismissing employees without consideration. He is conducting an investigation to identify and remove the anti-free speech influencers working within the company. Therefore, those on the left have nothing to worry about… Oh, they’re in big trouble as long as they continue to respect the rights of all users.

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