Chuck Schumer Caught in Hot Mic Confession to Biden

Chuck Schumer Caught in Hot Mic Confession with Biden


There are only a few days left until the results of the midterm elections start trickling in, and Republicans are keeping their fingers crossed for a red wave to retake some authority in Washington.

Recent polls have shown that the Republican Party has great momentum leading into the elections, and experts expect that Republicans will take the majority in the House. They are said to have a strong chance of also winning control of the Senate by some experts. Previously, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, stated that despite the polling, in her opinion, the Democratic Party was still in a strong position. However, her colleague does not share her opinion, and he has just informed the President that the Democrats are in a precarious position.


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Democrat of New York was overheard on a hot mic discussing the upcoming midterm elections with President Joe Biden. Schumer was referring to a specific swing state throughout their conversation.

This state has received a great deal of media attention as of late, mostly due to the fact that it is home to one of the most closely watched elections in the whole country: Democrat Raphael Warnock faces up against Republican candidate and former NFL star Herschel Walker.


Stacey Abrams, a controversial politician on the left, calls Georgia her home state. And for a while, it seemed as though the majority of the state would vote for the Democratic candidate. It is possible to overhear Schumer saying, we’re going downhill in Georgia, and he also said, “it’s hard to believe that they will opt for Herschel Walker. Recent polling data, on the other hand, points to Walker as the candidate who is now in the lead. In addition to this, it was stated that the Republican candidate has invested a significant amount of money into his campaign, and it appears that this investment may be paying off now.

Schumer was also overheard adding, we’re in danger in that seat, however, it is unclear which seat he was referring to when he made this statement. Further, he reported to the President that the widely publicized debate that took place between Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz and Democratic Representative John Fetterman did not go poorly. According to what he said, the debate didn’t affect us that much. However, there is a possibility that some detractors would disagree with that evaluation, while others will continue to challenge Fetterman’s mental competence.

It would appear that states that were formerly safe havens for Democrats are losing their footing across the country. For example, the contests in Oregon and New York are becoming increasingly competitive. And as the day of the election draws nearer, it is becoming abundantly evident that the majority of voters are concerned about the state of the economy as well as the rise in the number of reported crimes, two areas in which Democrats often perform poorly in the polls.

As for the state of Georgia, the battle between Warnock and Walker might very well go down to the wire, so Schumer is correct when he says that they are “slipping.” Warnock had a sizeable advantage at one point in time.


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