California Judge Rocks America with Bakery Ruling

California Judge Rocks America with Bakery Ruling

There is no hiding the fact that the left has, for many years, been working to erode the fundamental liberties of Americans. They justify the violation of the rights of millions of Americans by pointing to the special status of the groups to which they belong. It would appear that, in the eyes of Democrats, the rights of some groups are more essential than the rights of other groups that are protected by the constitution.

The Democrats filed a lawsuit against a baker who would not build a special wedding cake for a gay couple. This is a tale that we have heard before. Although the baker was firm in her adherence to her religious beliefs, she did recommend that her clients go to another establishment for their baking needs. That was not acceptable to many on the far left, so they attempted to bring this woman’s business to its knees.

To undermine the liberties guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, Democrats hide behind charges of discrimination. In one particular instance, they assaulted a baker for the simple reason that they would not create a specialized wedding cake for a gay couple. This is scarcely what one would call discrimination in a world where cakes are literally available everywhere.

They were able to proceed with their wedding despite the presence of this baker. They were not the target of her criticism, nor were they slandered in any way. She also suggested other bakeries who might have been able to make their dessert for them.

In spite of this, Democrats have used the incident as a tool to ruin this woman’s business. All of this is in the name of defending the rights of one group at the expense of millions of other people living in the United States. It would appear that the Democrats only consider the freedom of religion to be significant if religious people did whatever the Democrats told them to do.

As soon as your religious convictions come into conflict with the goals of the left, they will target you for persecution. What a waste of time, right, the First Amendment? If the Democrats in California got their way, every Christian, Muslim, and Jew in the state would be forced to cede some of their rights in order to accommodate gays and lesbians.

In this particular case, the state’s highest court decided in the baker’s favor and handed down their decision. The judge came to the conclusion that the state did not present sufficient evidence to show that she had discriminated against this lesbian couple. However, there is a good likelihood that this battle is not yet ended. It is possible for those on the left to file an appeal something they have done in the past), taking their case to a higher court.

Even if we win this particular engagement, we are not yet out of the woods in this fight. The Democrats won’t be satisfied until our fundamental liberties, particularly our religious freedoms, are put in the same category as their radical agenda.

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