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The Secret Service Races to Stop Biden

The Secret Service Races to Stop Biden

At this point, you would have to be flagrantly dishonest to deny that the White House is “handling” Biden in any capacity. Nobody has what the man who is getting close to 80 years old is going to say. Concerns that he is experiencing a mental decline have been raised as a result of his regular gaffes and errors.

It would appear that the staff at the White House is keeping the president on a pretty tight leash. A member of the communications team had to go into hiding on Easter as a bunny to prevent President Joe Biden from embarrassing himself with his comments.

But the situation is considerably more dire than that. Biden was seen in recent days attending an event that was held on the grounds of the White House. When the Secret Service intervened, he was making his way out the door. Even Joe does not approve of this decision.

Wow. It was necessary for the Secret Service to intervene and stop President Biden from leaving the grounds of the White House. It was obvious that Biden was peeved that these men had the authority to tell him where he could go. Even more insistently, he asked, “What would you say if I wanted to go in that direction?”

The agents gave the elderly man the impression that they cared about him. Oh, of course! You are free to travel wherever you like.” Even his wife had to weigh in, acting as if she were a granddaughter paying a visit to her grandfather in a nursing facility. Of course, grandpa, you are free to travel anywhere you like! Just not in the places that we warn you specifically not to go.

The conversation did not leave Biden with a positive impression. The individual may be going insane, but it is very evident that he is aware of the degree to which his manipulators have power over what he does, where he goes, and what he says. ‘Yeah, I notice how much freedom I have,’ he moaned.

These are worrisome statements coming from the President of the United States of America. The nation is ruled by a man supposedly. Why is he unable to go to the place that he wants to go? I was under the impression that the President made all of the decisions, and his Secret Service officers simply carried out his orders.

Instead, it seems that Biden is the one who is being given instructions. It would appear that his wife has been recruited to serve as one of his covert handlers in order to keep him under control when other members of the staff are unable to do so. This raises the question of whether or not President Biden is actually in command.

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