President Biden Makes Odd Move Days Before Midterms

President Biden Makes Odd Move Days Before Midterms

The success of the nation is dependent on the outcome of the midterm elections. The outcome of the election in November will determine whether President Biden can continue to destroy the country or whether Republicans have a chance to save what’s left.

To win re-election, it is quite clear that Democrats will require every possible edge at their disposal. In most cases, this indicates that the leader of their party, the “president” himself, needs to make an appearance in public and rally the party faithful. However, with only a few days left until early voting and the big day, Biden has decided to get the heck out of Dodge. And this is all a part of the plan that the left has.

Okay, Karine. More than a quarter of his time as president has been spent away from the White House by Joe Biden. Over the course of the past two years, he has spent 174 days hiding out in the state of Delaware. And now, with his party poised for a significant loss in November’s election, he is wasting four important campaign days by going on an extended vacation. This should give you some indication of how little his party values old Joe.

In point of fact, the mere presence of Joe Biden at a rally or event would be detrimental to the chances of leftist contenders. The approval ratings for Biden are among the lowest seen in the history of the presidency. In the past eighty years, nobody has had lower approval than this person.

The majority of the issues confronting their nation are attributed to him by the American people. And a significant portion of the outcome of the midterm elections will be determined by Biden’s unsuccessful presidency.

At this time, the most effective action that Democrats can take is to conceal him, just as they did in 2020. Biden is not an asset. He is a movable piece. They turn to him whenever they require the signature of the president on a bill or order. Otherwise, he is nothing but a nuisance to have around.Because of this, he has decided to take a holiday at such a crucial time rather than going door to door trying to win over people.

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