Clinton Pollster Just Made Major Midterm Prediction

Clinton Pollster Just Made Major Midterm Prediction

Since the beginning of this year, there have been a number of indicators suggesting that the Republicans will win back control of Congress in November. That conforms to certain historical standards. But the conditions are just there for the Democrats to suffer a humiliating loss given the way things are shaping up.

However, that is not just me expressing my opinion. What this well-respected pollster, who has worked for the Clintons in the past, has to say about this topic is very eye-opening. It is imperative that Democrats pay attention to what he is saying because he suggests that the Republican triumph could be more significant than anything we have ever witnessed before.

Democrats, you might want to hang on to your hats because it appears that you are about to confront a situation similar to that which occurred in 1994 and 2010. According to Douglas Schoen, a pollster working for Clinton’s campaign and an advisor to the candidate, the Republicans seem prepared to have a larger triumph this year than in those earlier decades.

The evidence points in one direction. According to recent polls, Republicans are in a strong position to defeat their Democratic opponents. The projections are looking well for Republicans in a number of seats that are currently undecided. And there is the issue of how people feel about President Biden’s performance. The approval rating for President Clinton was 42% in the year 1994. In the year 2010, Barack Obama’s stood at 45%.

But Biden’s situation is far more precarious than that of either of those presidents. According to one survey, his approval rating is 42%. But let’s get real. The majority of his presidency has been marked by approval ratings in the low 30s. The fact that he has stifled our economic recovery has infuriated the American people.

They hold him responsible for a variety of issues, including inflation, high gas costs, an open border, and many others. Because of his regulations, he put 100 million jobs in the United States in jeopardy.

And it would appear that he is completely disinterested in the plight of the American people. Not to mention the way his mental health is deteriorating. The shortcomings of President Joe Biden are going to have a significant impact on the Democrats. Douglas Schoen believes that it will be far larger compared to the past red waves.

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