Donald Trump’s Next VP Pick Gets a Major Prediction

Donald Trump’s Next VP Pick Gets a Major Prediction

Many people in the United States are under the impression that Donald Trump will run for president again in 2024. They believe that it is only a matter of time before he will make the significant announcement.

The question of whether or not he will run has been replaced with speculation about the people he will run with. Nobody anticipates that Trump will rehire Mike Pence, who has floated the possibility of running for president himself. Given the strong grades that Ron DeSantis has received in potential polls for 2024, his name has been brought up more once.

This week, Gutfeld surprised his audience significantly by predicting that Donald Trump will choose Tulsi Gabbard to be his running partner in the 2024 presidential election.

On the surface, Greg’s assertion could appear to be nothing more than an idle supposition. After all, Gabbard ran for the Democratic nomination for president in the primary election in 2020. You immediately learn from interviews with her that she adheres to liberal political ideology. Despite this, the former representative decided to leave the Democratic Party not too long ago.

She does not consider Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton, both of whom routinely defame Tulsi, to be friends. Gutfeld highlighted parallels between Gabbard and President Trump and referred to the latter as an individual. And Gabbard, for her part, has, in the past, praised the accomplishments of Trump’s administration.

However, choosing her as his next running mate is still a significant step in the wrong direction. It is highly possible that Donald Trump will choose a rock-solid conservative or a well-known moderate to counterbalance his Make America Great Again taste.

Also, there is a good chance that Gabbard herself may run for president in the future, but this time on the Republican ticket rather than the Democratic one. It’s possible that this was a major factor in her decision to leave the party. Gabbard has not been spotted with Trump in recent times, to our knowledge. If she is even being evaluated at all, she has a long way to go before many other prominent conservatives, who are now ahead of her in the queue.

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