Jean-Pierre Admits Inflation Began When Biden Passed Rescue Plan

Jean-Pierre Admits Inflation Began When Biden Passed Rescue Plan

After nearly two years of failure, Biden is out of options when it comes to trying to convince Americans to support keeping his party in office. As is his custom, the elderly man is placing his hope on the ineffectiveness of his press team to cover up the disintegration of his administration. Karine Jean-Pierre did not even have the support of the more liberal media outlets. In the beginning, she endeavored to demonstrate that Biden was not the cause of inflation.

Oops! The beginning of inflation occurred right around the same time that President Joe Biden took office and signed the American Rescue Plan into law. That’s not very likely to be a coincidence. And I think KJ did a fairly nice job of putting the pieces together. The press did not let up on her at any point. One of them even brought a serious allegation of wrongdoing against Biden. Even if she tried, she was unable to deliver a satisfactory response since there is none. On the subject of inflation, nobody believes Biden is doing a particularly good job.

Even his Inflation Reduction Act has been questioned, as many specialists believe that it will not be able to significantly reduce inflation on its own. That is something that Jean-Pierre will categorically refute. She did not have much of an explanation to give the reporters when they questioned when that act will kick in and cut inflation.

Really? Soon into the new year? Is this the best that we can expect from the White House? The Democratic Party just voted to adopt a package that will make fossil fuels even less viable, send jobs overseas, and cost the United States trillions of dollars. However, KJP is unable to provide us with a certain period when this is intended to be of assistance to us. She was unable to even provide a clear idea of how it will be beneficial to us.

She mumbled something about energy prices and Medicare, but I couldn’t make out what she said. Even Bernie Sanders has recognized that this measure will not cut the prices of Medicare, or the expenses of health care for anyone else.

What about the cost of energy? How exactly would adding billions in new taxes on oil and gas producers bring down the cost of energy? In order to keep the lights on, the majority of Americans rely on fossil fuels. The amount of money that President Biden is pouring into green energy is not going to result in lower prices any time soon. As a matter of fact, once this bill is enacted into law, we may anticipate significant increases in the cost of both gasoline and electricity.

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