U.S Top Leaders Were Ranked in Major Poll

U.S Top Leaders Were Ranked in Major Poll

This midterm election cycle has a lot riding on its outcome. The leadership of a significant number of state and local governments, in addition to Congress, will be up for election. It is essential to the outcome of any election how the American people feel about our existing leadership.

It is well knowledge that Joe Biden would not be considered a well-liked president. According to recent polls, his approval rating is significantly below 40%. This has been mostly ignored by the media. They went so far as to conduct a survey to determine how well-liked the key U.S. leaders are. It’s possible that they wanted to give Biden a lift in his campaign. Instead, Democrats are trying to go as far away from the hill as possible.

You got that right. The three most popular leading figures in the United States, according to a survey conducted by major media outlets, are all Republicans. These are also the only three figures to receive a positive rating for their overall likeability. The victor was none other than the incumbent governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. He had a net approval rating of +6, which indicated that more people approved of him than disapproved of him.

Mike Pence, who served as president under Donald Trump and is now a potential candidate for president in 2024, came in second. After he was Republican Senator Tim Scott, a powerful and well-known black conservative who hails from South Carolina. Following him was Donald Trump, who had an approval rating of exactly zero. Where was Joe Biden? Where do you guess?

He got an approval rating of -8, which indicated that a greater number of people disapproved of him than approved of him. Are any of us surprised by this? None of the Democrats that were listed in the study had a net approval rating that was positive. Both Chuck Schumer and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez received a score of -12.

It is highly significant that someone like DeSantis not only has a favorable net rating in this kind of survey but also has the highest score possible in this category. It is anticipated that he will win re-election as governor of Florida this year. However, this kind of approval might bring positive developments in his life in the future. Many are curious about what he has planned for the year 2024. If these polls continue, he has a good chance of winning the nomination for the Republican Party and the presidency.

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