The Red Wave Just Crashed Hard into the Midterms

The Red Wave Just Crashed Hard into the Midterms

The Democratic Party has used all of its efforts to forestall the possibility of a “red wave” dominating the midterm elections. They spent the summer trying to make abortion the central issue in the election, in the hope that voters will ignore Biden’s tremendous failings on practically every topic.

However, the left, true to form, made a calculation error. Last minute, President Biden attempted to pull off a few audacious initiatives, such as pardoning marijuana-related convictions and canceling student loans. Nothing about this seems to have fooled Americans into forgetting that Democrats were responsible for the skyrocketing inflation, the shutting down of energy production, and the leaving of the border unlocked.

In spite of the fact that Democrats continue to lose to Republicans in generic ballot polls, they continue to propagate propaganda against Republicans through the media. In recent weeks, Republicans have actually strengthened their lead, while Democrats have been making terrible mistakes right up until the very end of the race.

The resumption of the declining trend in Biden’s approval rating coincided with the resumption of the upward trend in gas prices. Due to the fact that he refused to license land for drilling, the United States is now at the mercy of OPEC, which has reduced its supply.

While millions of people flow into the country, Democrats have chosen to overlook the open border. This tremendous catastrophe is putting our national security, not to mention the economies of the surrounding areas, in jeopardy.

Even as the country burns to the ground, Democrats continue to squander their time on awakened issues such as providing subsidies to illegal immigrants and forcing youngsters to embrace the ideology of transgenderism.

Joe Biden has contributed his fair share to the destruction of his party. Instead of reversing course on the majority (if not all) of his programs, he has shifted his focus to attacking Republican lawmakers and policies.

The Republican Party has been described by him as “semi-fascist” and “a menace to democracy.” Joe, you can’t win elections by acting in such a manner. He is doing all in his power to deflect attention away from the dismal performance of his party and the disastrous administration he presided over.

However, the American people have not been duped. The results of these polls are terrible news for Democrats. Even further apart are the candidates’ prospects in battleground districts, where the Democrats are certain to suffer heavy losses.


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