The Democrats Sent Spinning by Blue State Poll

The Democrats Sent Spinning by Blue State Poll

The Democrats believed they had a lock on Michigan after the 2020 election. President Joe Biden won the states without a single issue ever being raised, and his buddy Gretchen Whitmer had virtually guaranteed herself another term in office.

A poll conducted only a few months ago suggested that Whitmer had a significant lead over her Republican opponent. These polls completely disregarded Whitmer’s terrible management of the pandemic as well as her other abuses of authority. In more recent times, she has been the source of controversy after a photo that went viral showed her posing with some dubious characters.
And now, the unthinkable has taken place in this blue state that is considered to be safe.

It would appear that Whitmer, who was formerly thought to have a chance at the presidency in 2024, is now suffering as a result of her relationship with Joe Biden.During the event, she was observed physically holding hands with a feeble puppet representing the DNC. Gretchen, you made a poor decision.

Joe’s popularity within the state is rapidly deteriorating as the economy continues its downward spiral. A month ago, he had the support of 45% of voters in the state of Michigan. That was significantly higher than the norm across the nation.However, since then, his approval rating has significantly plummeted, falling all the way down to 37%. This is in line with the reversal in the trend of gas prices, which began to climb as we moved into the fall season.

It would appear that voters in Michigan are rapidly growing dissatisfied with President Biden and his pal Whitmer.It is essential to bring to your attention the fact that Trump has publicly stated his support for the Republican candidate, Tudor Dixon. She is one of the few candidates for the Republican Party who has received robust backing from the 45th president.

If what those on the left say about Michigan is accurate, you might expect that her relationship with Trump would be damaging to Dixon’s campaign.Bear in mind, however, that Trump won the state in 2016, which came as a great surprise to the ruling class. And it does not appear like all of his numerous supporters vanished all of a sudden, given that his endorsement is assisting Dixon.

This race for governor, along with numerous others that were formerly considered “Democrat likely,” is now considered a toss-up. Polling companies consider the races in Oregon, New York, and Illinois, which are all considered to be strongly blue regions, to be “toss-ups.”

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