The Biden Administration Sued by Liberal ACLU

The Biden Administration Sued by Liberal ACLU

Joe Biden appeased those on the far left and right at the beginning of his tenure as president. And ever since then, the nation has been in a state of decline. The moderate Biden abandoned any and all pretensions of bringing the country together for inexplicable reasons. All of this was done to appease the more radical members of his party. But can these socialists say that they are OK with that answer? Not one bit.

Biden was recently the target of criticism from the self-proclaimed socialist AOC, who said that the former president’s efforts to legalize marijuana fell short of their goals. Now, a large organization that leans to the left has decided to file a huge lawsuit against Biden.

Wow, talk about an organization that knows how to put the American people in last place. The American Civil Liberties Union and its allies are making extraordinary efforts to provide illegal immigrants with legal representation. In addition to this, they have filed a lawsuit against Joe Biden, alleging that his government is preventing these foreigners from receiving legal assistance.

Um… I have an idea: deport those people who are illegally crossing the border! They are unlawfully present in the United States and do not have permission to do so. However, the American Civil Liberties Union is offering these individuals pro bono legal representation so that they can sue the federal government for their right to remain in the country.

When you put some thought into it, you’ll find that this is very funny. Biden risked his reputation and the presidency, not to mention the safety of the country, in order to keep the border open and allow millions of people from other countries to enter the country. He did this despite the fact that the majority of Americans desire a secure border.

However, he is unable to placate the left, which is the only political faction that supports increased illegal immigration. Only Joe Biden is capable of being so inept at his job that he enrages both the Democrats and the Republicans, albeit for quite different reasons.

This ought to serve as a wake-up call for President Biden and the administration he leads. The goals of the radical left are not going to be to the benefit of Americans. They won’t stop harassing his administration until every single foreigner has trampled all over our nation, at which point they will give up.

Maybe this is enough for the government to start enforcing the border, and send these illegal immigrants back to their home countries. But I think we’re both dreaming here.

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