President Biden Gives The Citizens a Concerning Report

President Biden Gives The Citizens a Concerning Report

It is not clear to us why Democrats continue to act as though Joe Biden is knowledgeable about the situation. They have convinced the media to report that we are not about to experience a recession or inflation that will be terrible.

However, the facts are what they are, and the balance in your checking account does not fib. Thanks to Biden, Americans are trying to make ends meet. And all indications point to the situation growing even worse. And much like they did during the financial crisis of 2008, people in the United States who were on the verge of entering retirement are being compelled to reevaluate their options.

How nice. One-third of Americans have the impression that they are not financially prepared for retirement as a direct result of President Joe Biden’s irresponsible spending, socialist policies, and lack of leadership.

There are a lot of people who can’t even retire. They won’t be able to retire until they are either seventy years old or have worked till that age. It doesn’t matter how old you are; that’s not a very encouraging outlook for anyone. How do you feel about the fact that your parents or grandparents have to work right up to the point of exhaustion because their retirement resources have been depleted?

People who ought to be spending their senior years with their families and grandchildren, working as ushers in movie theaters or flipping burgers instead of doing those things folks, something’s not quite right here. Joe has sold the American ideal down the river in order to give aliens and foreign interests free rein to plunder all of our wealth.

Our parents and grandparents, who have put in a tremendous amount of effort to construct this country, are not even allowed to take a vacation. All of this occurred because Joe Biden and the Democrats spent trillions of dollars in a period of fewer than two years.

And have the intention of making things much worse should they maintain or grow their majority after this coming November. Biden has always maintained the appearance that he is concerned about the elderly in the United States. However, none of his actions have been of any use to them in any way.

The majority of Americans are seeing their financial gains eroded by inflation. The cost of maintaining one’s standard of living continues to rise. In addition, a dysfunctional energy market and supply chain are making life more difficult for everyone.

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