Joe Biden’s DOJ Was Sued for Supreme Court Violation

Joe Biden’s DOJ Was Sued for Supreme Court Violation

The Department of Justice under Biden’s leadership does not have the best record. It became public knowledge a year ago when the Attorney General of the United States appeared to target parents by labeling them, domestic terrorists. And right now, many people are expressing their disapproval of the Department of Justice’s dubious investigation of Donald Trump, as well as the raid on his house.

However, it is just the beginning of the difficulties faced by the Department of Justice. As a result of the Dobbs ruling being leaked, many people in the United States watched in terror as protestors targeted the houses of Supreme Court justices. It is against the law to stage a demonstration in front of the residence of a judge in order to influence an ongoing court case.

Even when the lives of justices were put in danger, the Department of Justice did nothing to stop the protests. In response to what appears to be a failure to comply with the Freedom of Information Act, the Heritage Foundation has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, government entities are obligated to give documents to members of the public who seek them. However, the Heritage Foundation is alleging that the office of President Joe Biden is disregarding demands for proof regarding protests that have taken place outside the residences of justices.

Picketing or protesting outside of a court or a judge’s house with the intention of persuading them to make a particular judgment on a case is against the law on the federal level.

There is little question in most people’s minds that the pro-abortion activists’ protests were organized with the intention of coercing the justices into changing their decision. A great number of authorities are of the opinion that the draft opinion was intentionally shared with the public.

However, it appears that the Department of Justice has taken no action to investigate and possibly punish those demonstrators who were breaching the law throughout their actions. In addition, the Heritage Foundation’s demands for records that would explain the reason for this have been disregarded.

This might make some people think that Biden’s attorney general instructed the Department of Justice not to prosecute these demonstrators and that the attorney general is now attempting to cover this up. We are unable to be certain, but a good number of Americans are already furious about this Department of Justice. Another breach of the laws we have in place won’t help the situation.

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