Barack Obama Turns the Tables on Democrats

Barack Obama Turns the Tables on Democrats

In an effort to save their party in the midterm elections, Democrats have coaxed former President Barack Obama out of retirement. The former president will be campaigning for the Democrats, who are now in a difficult position and have difficult chances of winning re-election.

While Obama was once again in the spotlight of public attention, he made the decision to engage in some anti-party preaching. The 44th president rebuked Democrats for their tendency to politicize every aspect of society, going so far as to call them buzzkills. Wow. Coming from a man who has practically made money off of identity politics, that is a fairly rich statement to make.

To begin, what President Obama has to say is absolutely correct. He condemns the actions of his own political party for making everyone walk on eggshells. He does have a valid point. The Democratic Party has evolved into the woke mob that destroys people’s entire careers for speaking things that are considered offensive. If the Democrats want to make it through the midterm elections, it would seem that President Obama is suggesting that they abandon their cancel culture.

However, you’ll have to excuse us for the many times that we rolled our eyes when he claimed that they need to back off on identity politics. He went so far as to say that Democrats were in the wrong when they supported certain groups because of past victimhood. It appeared as though Barry was implying that it was inappropriate for Democrats to treat these groups as if they have a unique status that differentiates them from the rest of us.

What the…!? Since the beginning of their party, the Democrats whole program has consisted of this. Identity politics are largely responsible for propelling Barack Obama all the way to the White House. Throughout point of fact, he is the president who popularized this way of thinking in the country. Obama made money off of the concept that members of minority groups along with members of other groups) should receive preferential treatment.

It was his statements, in particular, that contributed to the formation of the Black Lives Matter movement. In spite of this, he is currently advising Democrats not to engage in identity politics in any form. There is a sound justification for him expressing this now, given that he reaped the benefits of this many years ago. This is due to the fact that identity politics are no longer effective.

Complaining about this issue is no longer an asset for Democrats, particularly given that they are unable to even slow the rate of inflation. And a smaller number of voters are likely to support a candidate who, at the expense of families, makes an effort to bolster support for gay or transgender groups.

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