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The White House Scrambles to Keep Biden Milestone Quiet

The White House Scrambles to Keep Biden Milestone Quiet

The worst shortcoming of Biden has been identified by a number of American citizens. On the other hand, those on the left are putting in extra hours to cover it up. Because of this issue, the left’s prospects for 2024 are not looking good. In the event that Biden runs for president, Trump or whoever runs against him will take advantage of this weakness.

However, a major landmark will only serve to bring attention to this issue the next month. Therefore, despite the fact that it is a significant event, the White House will make every effort to conceal it from the public. Oh, you want me to focus on the work? How does it work? Changing Joe’s diapers? When he is being interviewed, are you providing him with larger cue cards?

Finding innovative ways to destroy the economy of the United States? The White House is making an effort to play down President Biden’s upcoming 80th birthday. According to the reports, they are going to throw a party, but the media doesn’t seem to think it will be a huge issue.

Because Democrats are doing everything in their power to make you forget that Joe is the oldest person who has ever held the office of “president,” This will simply serve to highlight the increasing mental fragility as well as health issues he is experiencing.

The Democrats have done a pretty lousy job of hiding what appear to be mental problems with President Joe Biden. When Don Lemon inquired about President Biden’s deteriorating health, the press secretary at the White House reprimanded him in a manner that sounded completely insane. The left is ignoring people who are demanding that Biden take a cognitive test. Meanwhile, he is so weak that he can hardly answer a question or walk across the room.

However, Democrats cannot confess that they elected a weak guy to the government because doing so would result in a catastrophic loss for their party. Who will take his place if they fire him now, or even if they wait until after the midterm elections?
The Democratic Party is currently mired in a predicament that it has helped to create. However, regardless of how much they try to ignore it, it will not go away on its own.

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