President Biden Makes Eye-Opening Interview Blunder

President Biden Makes Eye-Opening Interview Blunder

It is clear that Biden’s aides in the White House strictly monitor and manage the president’s public appearances. One even dressed up as the Easter Bunny in an effort to convince the other to continue paying the rent on the apartment.

We have witnessed on multiple occasions the petty strategies that they take to stop him from making a complete mess of himself. But despite having access to every resource imaginable, Joe Biden is still a train catastrophe.

Ugh. If he weren’t a socialist who is bringing this country to its knees, I’d feel bad for the guy. During his interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Joe Biden raises his hand, exposing the talking point flashcards he has in front of him.

These cards have been in our possession before. When Joe appears in public, his handlers are required to provide him with assistance in some form. They frequently hand him cards that have enormous print on them, instructing him on what he should do or say.

Even when he was signing the guest book at the Queen’s funeral, he had to use these! But when he lifted his hand, the deck of cards that had been resting on his knee fell to the ground below. Tapper, being the good and obedient lap dog that he is, moves quickly to assist him in gathering the cards.

However, the harm had already been done. Since of this, the cards must have been jumbled up (for his staff would have painstakingly arranged them in sequence), because Biden immediately loses it.

It’s even direr than we thought it was, people. Not only does Biden’s mental condition prevent him from remembering his talking points, but he also has no ability to sort through his cheat cards.

Because once they get mixed up, then Biden is mixed up as well. Even in order to answer Tapper’s inquiries, he is unable to select the appropriate cards. As the interview continues, he comes across as seeming more befuddled and lost than he did at the beginning.

This also reveals that CNN provided the White House with the questions in advance, along with the order in which they should be asked, in order for them to print up these cards. Trump would spend hours engaging in heated debates with members of the media who were biased against him. And he always managed to put them in their place. But despite making every effort to repair the damage done to his reputation, Joe Biden continues to fall short.

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