President Biden Goes Off the Rails with Billion-Trillion Comment

President Biden Goes Off the Rails with Billion-Trillion Comment

Oh, Joe. When will Democrats finally come clean and confess that something is not functioning as it should? Biden’s handlers managed to keep him out of the public eye for a significant portion of his career. On the other hand, you are not allowed to do that so close to important elections.

The White House is taking measures to ensure that he does not make any public appearances. He is avoiding rallies and instead engaging in conciliatory interviews with people like Jake Tapper from CNN. During one of the segments, he made an attempt to gloat about the enormous amount of debt he had accumulated in order to fight climate change.

The video begins with an immediate indication that President Biden is not in good health. On the other hand, we have been accustomed to his appearance and the sound of him being exhausted, perplexed, and disoriented. Comparable to a person who lives in a nursing home. Biden goes on an extended rant to defend his far-left environmental agenda, during which he has ignored the rising cost of energy and thrown billions of dollars into green technology.

He makes an attempt to brag by mentioning something about what the so-called experts predict will be the benefit of all of this wasteful spending. The man, however, fumbles when attempting to come up with a billion, trillion, million, or something else.

Because he absolutely loses it toward the end of the program, we aren’t quite sure what point Biden is trying to make in this particular section. It would appear that he is attempting to brag about the amount of tax money he is donating to his colleagues in the field of green technology.

On the other hand, he sounds like the kind of person who ought to be using adult diapers. In the past two years, we’ve had literally thousands of experiences, and this is just one of them. There are times when Biden is unable to deliver the talking points that have been prepared for him by his own team.

Despite this, Democrats persist in acting as though nothing is wrong. They have chosen to disregard requests from Republicans that Biden undergoes a cognitive examination. Even those who had the audacity to call Biden’s mental health into question have been chastised by them. Is it possible for you to watch that video and still have a sincere belief that Joe Biden does not appear to be experiencing some form of mental decline? Should someone with his background have the most powerful position in the United States?