President Biden Finally Breaks His Silence on Hunter

President Biden Finally Breaks His Silence on Hunter

We heard the week before last that investigators may have sufficient evidence to prosecute Hunter Biden with many offenses connected to violations of tax laws and firearms laws. President Joe Biden has spent a significant portion of his time in office avoiding queries about his son, but he may soon be forced to respond to more pointed inquiries on the subject. In addition, the answers to these questions might end up being more complicated in the months to come.

When asked by POTUS about the charges that Hunter was facing, President Biden had a few comments, and some of them were somewhat unexpected. Because of the possibility that the Justice Department is about to bring official charges against the President’s son, the Biden family should prepare themselves for a significant increase in the amount of attention they receive.

In the first place, Joe Biden made an attempt to address the gun issue, but his response was quite baffling. These emerged from an interview that was shown on television, in which he asserted once more that he had no prior knowledge of the events in question. The reported discovery of information regarding Hunter Biden’s substance abuse by the general public in recent years has brought this issue to the forefront of the public’s consciousness.

These allegations come on top of the charge involving the gun, as well as the controversy surrounding his business operations in other countries. Despite what the President has said, there are a lot of people who believe he must have known about the latter. During the same interview, the President stated that he believed Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, to be a “logical actor” who is not insane but has merely miscalculated greatly.

However, Hunter is the subject of the remarks that are receiving the most attention this week. This is mostly due to the most recent inquiry update that was publicly announced. Critics continue to assert that Joe Biden is concealing a significant amount of information from the public.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Republican leaders in the House have accused House Democrats of acting in a way that would protect Hunter as well as the Biden family.

It is now unknown whether or not official charges will be brought against Hunter Biden; nonetheless, a large number of residents feel that he will never be subjected to any punishment more severe than a slap on the wrist. Some people believe that this is proof that Washington, DC is corrupt. It’s feasible that this developing problem could affect Joe Biden’s chances of winning the presidential election in 2024 as well.

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