Polls Put Joe in His Place, Show Trump Leading in Ohio

Polls Put Joe in His Place, Show Trump Leading in Ohio

Since Joe Biden took his seat in the Presidency, people have been making predictions on who will run for president in 2024. Even Democrats, it would appear, can’t wait for the opportunity to nominate someone else to run for the party.

Despite the fact that he will turn 80 next month, Joe Biden insists that he will still be physically capable of running for president in two years. And he went so far as to assert that he could defeat Donald Trump once more. Uh… okay, Joe. But let’s not get into the fact that the first time you faced Trump, you weren’t even able to defeat him.

As is his custom, Joe Biden is making huge claims, but the facts don’t support him (as usual). Biden’s chances have been improved thanks to the findings of a recent poll conducted in a key swing state. In the 2020 election, Trump easily prevailed in the state of Ohio. It appears that if the two of them faced up again, Trump would emerge victorious once more.

A survey conducted by Emerson College Polling found that Trump would be victorious over Biden by a score of 48-40. For an incumbent president who portrays himself as a successful leader, that is an extremely slim margin of victory. A staggering 57% of people in Ohio are against Joe Biden’s candidacy for president. Just 37% are in favor of it. This is in line with the findings of the majority of polls concerning approval that have been conducted over the past two years.

It would appear that Biden has failed once again to win over the swing voters in Ohio. There isn’t much the Democrats can point to in order to win over Americans as we get closer to the midterm elections.

The party is falling further and further behind because of Biden’s record. He is to blame for a wide open border, the highest inflation rate in forty years, a crippled energy industry, and an imminent economic downturn. But despite the countless times he has been unsuccessful, Biden cannot bring himself to acknowledge that he is to blame.

And the government he has put in place, which is performing miserably, is reluctant to back down on any of his poor choices. Even as he continues to wage war against the American people, the Democratic Party continues to back Biden as their candidate.

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