Mark Wahlberg Makes a Major Decision

Mark Wahlberg Makes a Major Decision

We have been reporting on the widespread migration away from blue states for quite some time now. Because of the large number of people who have moved out of California, the state will have fewer seats in the House of Representatives following the results of the 2020 Census.

However, normal Americans aren’t the only ones leaving the state that was once known as the Golden State. Joe Rogan is known for moving his base of operations from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas. The same was true for Elon Musk, who relocated his whole company to the state of Texas, which is known as the Lone Star State.

Now, yet another celebrity from the A-List is packing their belongings and leaving the state of California. And he made the reasoning for it quite apparent. Mark Wahlberg, a star in Hollywood, is moving out of California and into Nevada. According to him, the primary motive is so that he may provide a better life for his children.

Wahlberg elaborated that he wished for his children to be raised in a setting that would allow them to develop to their full potential. There are still three of his children residing under the same roof. In addition to that, he stated that moving to Nevada will make it easier for them to “pursue their ambitions.”Huh… How bad is the situation going in California if a famous and wealthy movie star does not believe his children will be able to follow their goals there?

However, leaving California is not the only reason that motivates Wahlberg to do so. The businessman and actor discussed the possibility of constructing a cutting-edge studio in the state of Nevada. It would appear that his objective is to build a new Hollywood that is geographically far from California.

Additionally, he discussed the possibility of constructing a shoe factory in addition to a factory for his clothing business. Because he intends to “work from home,” it was necessary for him to establish these firms in the surrounding area. And there was no way he was going to start these companies in the state of California, which is obsessed with collecting taxes.

A significant number of California’s business owners, both major and small, have left the state. Companies are unable to generate a profit as a direct result of the state’s anti-business policies, which include imposing excessive taxes and imposing ridiculous rules. It would appear that Wahlberg has no plans to donate any of his fortunes to a state like California which has a tendency toward socialism. We can’t hold that against him.