Joe Biden Was Dragged into Federal Court

Joe Biden Was Dragged into Federal Court

It is not necessary to be an expert in political strategy to realize that everything that Biden has been doing over the past few weeks has been directed at the upcoming midterm elections. As his popularity continues to plummet, he is frantic to find a solution that would convince a sufficient number of voters to support his party.

Because of this, he attacked Republicans, labeling them “semi-fascist” in the process. And this is precisely why he is working so hard to find a way to sneakily legalize marijuana. It is also the reason why he is willing to “forgive” student loans, which would result in a bill of $500 billion being paid for by taxpayers. However, he could be stopped in his tracks by a federal judge.

Attorneys for the states have contended that President Biden does not have the power to unilaterally cancel billions of dollars worth of student loans. Biden was accused of circumventing Congress by legal representatives from six different states, who filed a lawsuit against him.

The previous year, even Nancy Pelosi stated that the federal law required Congress to decide whether or not it is possible to cancel student loans. But in a last-ditch effort to save the midterm elections, Biden opted to place the weight of this tax increase on working Americans.

Now, a decision regarding whether or not Biden truly possesses the legal right to do so must be made by a federal judge. The entire scheme for providing student loans might be rendered inoperable if the judge rules against Biden’s motion. The attempt by Biden to manipulate the midterm elections would be hampered as a result.

In November, Democrats can anticipate suffering significant setbacks. The majority of Americans feel that President Joe Biden is to blame for the nation’s current economic woes, including high inflation, high gas costs, and other significant concerns.

Biden’s greatest defense for his student loan scheme? In the event that a national emergency arises, the HEROES Act of 2003 grants the Department of Education the authority to “waive or amend” conditions that are associated with student loans.

Even though Biden just stated that the emergency situation had been resolved, it is only natural for him to say that COVID is an emergency situation. Biden also claimed that COVID was finished when he removed regulations that prohibited immigrants from entering the country illegally via the border.It would appear that COVID does not exist when it is to Biden’s advantage. But COVID is making a comeback in the event that it will assist him in gaining votes.

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