FBI Outed in Major Corruption Report

FBI Outed in Major Corruption Report 

Igor Danchenko, the individual responsible for the notorious Steele dossier, is currently being investigated by the federal government. The legal proceeding is currently ongoing, and a significant new piece of information has recently become available.

Christopher Steele was the individual who was responsible for compiling the discredited dossier that Clinton paid for. The dossier was utilized by the FBI in order to initiate dubious investigations against both Trump’s presidential campaign as well as his campaign itself.

However, it would appear that the FBI was not even remotely impartial when it came to this investigation. Because it was only recently revealed that it gave Steele a substantial sum of money to corroborate his fake dossier.

This certainly is intriguing, don’t you think? An FBI analyst by the name of Brain Auten has stated that he and other agents met with Christopher Steele in 2021 and offered him one million dollars if he could validate the crap that was contained in his dossier. Steele was unable to produce any evidence to back up his outlandish assertions, which is to be expected.

The FBI is now seen in an even more negative light as a result of these newly discovered details. Many people in the United States have speculated that the nation’s highest law enforcement agency may be politically biased. This merely lends credence to it. Why? To begin, they opened an inquiry into Trump’s campaign in 2016, despite the fact that they lacked evidence to back up the charges made in the dossier.

The FBI operated on the assumption that Trump was guilty until he could prove his innocence. They made the assumption that the dossier included accurate information and utilized it to smear his reputation and undermine his leadership. And many years later, the FBI under Biden’s leadership attempted to effectively bribe Steele in order to get him to produce some evidence. Why, after all these years, would the FBI desire this material at this point?

Because it would appear that Biden’s Department of Justice is working on developing something that will finally denounce Donald Trump. Democrats are aware that he will most likely seek office again in 2024, and they are concerned that he will be successful again. As a result, they are going back to the dossier that has been refuted in the past in the hope of finding something that they can exploit.

This further implies that their current case against Trump about Mar-a-Largo is a bunch of empty rhetoric on their part.In addition, this finding lends credence to the widespread belief among Americans that the agency in question is nothing more than a thugs’ gang run by Democrats.

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