Donald Trump Roasts Biden in Swing State Rally

Donald Trump Roasts Biden in Swing State Rally

During the campaign for the elections in 2022, everything is on the line. If Democrats obtain more seats in Congress, nothing will stop them from destroying our country. It is in the best interest of those on the left for you to forget that they installed a stupid puppet in the White House. A man who will give his seal of approval to the worst proposals that they are trying to shove down our throats.

However, Trump reminded everyone around the world of just what the problem is with Biden. And he demonstrated it while speaking at a significant gathering in Nevada. Donald Trump presented a video collection of all of Joe Biden’s most embarrassing gaffes at a rally in the state of Nevada. Most of these happened lately, while Biden was in the White House. This is a much more serious problem than just a few “senior moments.” This is not an instance of Biden stumbling over a few words while reading from a teleprompter.

These clips depict a man who, while we view them, is gradually losing his mental faculties. A man who is incapable of completing even a single phrase. Despite the fact that this video is really funny, the situation is very serious. We have been informed that this particular man is indeed in command. Either of these two possibilities is correct. To begin, he is not in command and the Democratic National Committee is giving him orders on what to do. If what you say is true, then Democrats are acting like a shadow government in their attempt to control the presidency.

Or, even worse, Biden is actually in command of everything. This means that choices regarding our country are being made by a man who is unable to speak, climb stairs, or remember even the most fundamental information. It is Biden’s fault that the economy has collapsed, that oil prices are rising, that the border is open, that there is anarchy worldwide, and that there is a possibility of conflict with Russia.

He has been able to reverse decades’ worth of progress toward prosperity and success for millions of hard-working Americans. And if Republicans are unable to keep this bankrupt president in control, things will only get worse from here on out.The Democrats have failed to recognize that Biden’s mental health has been deteriorating. They have even reprimanded journalists for having the audacity to inquire about Biden’s health.

But none of us are surprised by these films in the least. We are all aware that Joe Biden is dealing with a serious medical issue. And if the Democrats choose to ignore it, it indicates that there is a significant problem inside the party as a whole.

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