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After She Insulted him, Abbott Sent Kamala Harris 36 More Undocumented

After She Insulted him, Abbott Sent Kamala Harris 36 More Undocumented

It seems that Democrats had no problem with the idea of allowing border jumpers to take over communities in Texas. The left went completely insane when Governor Abbott and other leaders started transporting migrants to blue cities using buses.

Even the governor of Texas received abuse from Kamala Harris when she claimed that he was not helping with the solution. She made this statement after Abbott attempted to contact both Harris and Biden, but she was ignored by both of them. Is it safe to say that Texas is now where it belongs? Did Harris’s reprimand send Abbott running? Not even the slightest amount.

LOL! After Harris publicly criticized Governor Abbott on television, Abbott retaliated by delivering additional migrants to her residence. These buses are causing Democrats in the north to reach a point of such exasperation that they are starting to pull them over and look for any cause to ticket them, no matter how little. This exemplifies how pitiful those on the left have become.

They are so angry that Abbott and DeSantis, together with other politicians, are sending migrants further north. However, they continue to refuse to do the one thing that may put an end to this issue: enforce the border. Democrats like Kamala and Adams, who is the mayor of New York City, are always griping about the fact that southern states are sending a few hundred migrants to their cities.

However, they did not drop a single tear as millions of border jumpers overran villages along the border. Because smuggling people now brings in more money than dealing drugs, criminal organizations are focusing more of their efforts on this endeavor.But Biden takes zero action to ensure compliance with our immigration laws or remove lawbreakers from the country. And Kamala has the guts to imply that Abbott isn’t contributing to the solution to the problem?

What strain of marijuana do they have in their pipes!? The border is being overrun by an increasing number of migrants. This can in no way be considered a sustainable position. The United States of America cannot continue to thrive if it continues to welcome ever-increasing numbers of people from other countries. Biden, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to care as long as he can use these people’s votes to forward his political agenda.

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