2022 Midterms Shaken Up by New Forecast

2022 Midterms Shaken Up by New Forecast

We have been hearing for some time now that a red wave is going to wash out the majority that the Democrats currently have in Congress. But is it actually the case? Throughout the summer and into the fall, Democrats have been frantically working to recast that narrative. The media has been trumpeting surveys that suggest Democrats are prepared to widen their lead, and President Joe Biden has referred to Republicans as semi-fascists.

On the other hand, it would appear that the left is, once more, divorced from reality. Because the most recent measures suggest that Democrats would suffer a loss of forty-odd seats in the House of Representatives. When Democrats finish reading this, they will feel the need to change their underwear. In the upcoming election in November, the non-conservative website Real Clear Politics forecasts that 47 seats currently held by Democrats will be toss-ups.

A number of them are more competitive than others, but they are trending in the Republican direction. Their current projections indicate that the Republicans will control the House with 220 seats, while the Democrats will only have 180, and there will be 35 additional seats that are toss-ups, which means that either party might win them.

It is quite improbable that Democrats will win all 35 of those seats, which will provide Republicans with a straightforward opportunity to take control of the House for the next two years. Remembering that several of these seats have historically been considered solid Democrat territory is an important consideration to make. Over the course of several months, they shifted from likely Democrat to Leans Democrat, where they currently are.

This shift is more significant than the actual numbers because it demonstrates how voters in these battleground seats are trending. The Democratic Party is doing terribly in the United States. Outside of the areas shaded in dark blue, the United States is located in the leftmost column. To phrase it gently is an understatement. In the past week and a half, every single contest that has shifted in any way has moved in the direction of the Republicans.

This is clear to us. The Democrats have held onto their majority in Congress for the past two years. During that same period of time, they were responsible for the beginning of inflation, the rise in gas costs, the admission of millions of illegal aliens, and the defunding of police departments. In the meantime, they did nothing to stop Biden from stumbling around like a patient in a nursing home and destroying our nation while sitting back and watching him.

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