The Supreme Court Gets Major Demand from Trump

The Supreme Court Gets Major Demand from Trump

It is the Biden. DOJ’s fight against Trump continues to drag on. If Democrats are going to spend so much time on these probes, they must be pretty concerned about Trump’s intentions for the future. Trump’s decision to have a special master examine the documents that were reportedly seized from his home was a successful move on his part.

However, the special master does not have access to one hundred of those documents. He is unable to examine them. It is even possible that the evidence was fabricated, as President Trump has alleged in the past.Therefore, at this time, Trump’s legal team is taking this matter to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Since the very beginning of this legal proceeding, the Department of Justice, in conjunction with left-leaning judges, has been playing games with the case.

The FBI was aware that Trump was in possession of these records. They went so far as to suggest that he install an additional lock on the storage room door. However, without any prior notice or precedent, they broke into his home and conducted a search of it, all while preventing his legal team from observing what was going on.

Trump has strong grounds for believing that the FBI planted evidence against him at Mar-a-Lago in order to build a case against him. The Democratic Party will stop at nothing in their quest to discredit Donald Trump and prevent him from running for office again. The role of the special master was to be that of an impartial third party, with the responsibility of ensuring that confidential records are not accessed by the FBI.

Additionally, President Trump has cautioned the American people that the FBI may have placed sensitive information (documents that he did not declassify when he brought them to Mar-a-Lago) in order to support the left’s argument that President Trump breached the law.

He requests that the special master examine the one hundred questionable files, which the Department of Justice does not want him to access. There is not a single aspect of this matter that seems above board. We have an FBI that is being led by the president of the opposing party, and it is investigating his former competitor as well as possibly his future rival.

Similar, but somewhat less serious claims led to the Democrats’ decision to impeach Trump. But because the media has been portraying Trump as a villain going back to 2015, we are supposed to take it lying down and just accept it?Justice Clarence Thomas will be in a position to make a decision regarding this matter. It is up to us to watch and observe what he decides to do.

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