The NY Governor Makes Completely Unaware Claim

The NY Governor Makes Completely Unaware Claim

The NY Governor Makes Completely Unaware Claim

Americans were abandoning blue cities long before a virus that was relatively unknown at the time attacked the country. A large number of people left the East Coast and West Coast as a result of the high taxes, widespread crime, and stringent laws.

Things went from bad to worse in 2020, when Democratic Party leaders banned residents from gathering together.Is it possible that Kathy Hochul is actually a character on SNL? How is it that she can make the assertion that New York is the safest major metropolis in the United States? She went so far as to state that she is frightened by the debilitating increase in crime that the city endured under the leadership of Democratic mayors.

Hochul is personally responsible for ensuring that New York is not a secure place to live. She is in favor of abolishing bail, cutting money for the police, and prohibiting Americans from carrying concealed weapons. Nevertheless, she believes that she is in the clear because she lives in New York, which she considers to be safer than cesspools such as Chicago and Los Angeles!

Excellent work in raising the bar, Kathy! She appeared to forget about the large cities in the Midwest and the South, which are the places where the law is truly enforced by the mayor and the police.

By making this assertion, Hochul reveals both her own ignorance and her own hubris. She was under the impression that nobody would want to leave glitzy New York to live in a squalor like Florida. But do you want to know what, Kathy? There are many large cities in the state of Florida. They are all a lot less dangerous than the city of New York.

Perhaps the time when Rudy Giuliani was mayor of New York City was a safer time… He was able to put an end to the Mafia in its entirety. But after him, three liberal mayors have insured that New York will continue to be known as the Bad Apple. And this doesn’t even begin to address the extraordinarily expensive cost of living, the various taxes, the filthy streets, the impolite people, the never-ending homeless population, or the icy winters.

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