The Clarence Thomas Cranks Up Heat on Biden’s DOJ

The Clarence Thomas Cranks Up Heat on Biden’s DOJ

The Clarence Thomas Cranks Up Heat on Biden’s DOJ

We found out this week that Trump’s legal team is requesting that the Supreme Court take part in the Mar-a-Largo lawsuit that is now being heard.They submitted a request to Justice Clarence Thomas asking him to order President Biden’s Department of Justice to grant permission for the special master to review one hundred papers deemed “secret.” That information will not be provided, as stated by the agency.

And it would appear like justice is being served quickly. Just now, he sent this demand to Biden’s Department of Justice.Woah. It would appear that the justice of the Supreme Court responded promptly to this request. There were those skeptics who were uncertain as to whether or not the court would even respond. The Department of Justice has been given a limited amount of time by Justice Thomas to respond to the petition that was submitted by President Trump.

They have till the 11th of October to present their argument before the judge makes a decision. During the summer, Biden’s highly politicized Department of Justice carried out a raid against Trump’s house that had never been done before.Despite the fact that presidents have for a long time kept onto records from their administration, the White House under Biden has now accused Trump of breaking the law.

Many people are under the impression that this is just another part of the left’s ongoing witch hunt against the 45th president. It is difficult to ignore the political bias that exists throughout this Department of Justice. The Department of Justice under Biden’s leadership is investigating his old political opponent, who may also pose a threat to Biden in 2024.

Despite this obvious conflict of interest, the media appears to be unconcerned about it. It seems that all that matters to them is finding something to blame on Trump in order to prevent him from running for office again. The United States of America has expressed its concern over what appears to be a horrific abuse of authority. It would appear that Democrats are utilizing the DOJ as a weapon against their political opponents. And no one in the media gives a damn about it.

This most recent development has the potential to hand President Trump a victory of sorts. It is possible that the court will declare that the special master is permitted to see such materials, which will weaken the DOJ’s claims. Trump has maintained that every document at Mar-a-Largo was declassified while he was in office, although this claim has been called into question. However, he is also of the opinion that Biden’s FBI may have planted documents in order to frame him.

The entirety of this case is a dark and unpleasant chapter in the Biden administration, which was already embroiled in several dark chapters before this case came to light.