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President Biden Goes Off the Race Rails in Speech

President Biden Goes Off the Race Rails in Speech

The government of Joe Biden has not had a successful few days interacting with the people of the United States.Harris proposed that storm aid should be distributed differently for people of different races. And Biden, well, he went to Puerto Rico in order to discuss the recent hurricane challenges that they have been having there.

Does this guy seriously believe that whatever he says would automatically be accepted as fact?Biden asserted that he had been raised by members of the Puerto Rican population in the state of Delaware. Uh… let me get this straight: he ran into Corn Pop in this community, right? Biden has, for a very long time, had a horrible reputation when it comes to telling the truth. He has, for a long time, been making things up and expecting people to simply believe him.

His story doesn’t square with the facts nearly enough of the time. However, he gets angry if anyone calls him out on his lies and fabrications. In addition to all of that, there are mounting worries about the state of Biden’s mental health. The unfortunate truth is that Biden might not even know what he’s talking about when he says these things.

Is it possible that he had Puerto Rican friends when he was growing up in Delaware? Sure. Was it possible that they brought him up themselves?Not even close.When exactly do the Democrats plan to begin pressing this administration for responses to their questions? How many times does Joe Biden have to say something that is completely incomprehensible before we finally get what he means?

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