Florida’s Governor Is Putting Biden to Shame

Florida’s Governor Is Putting Biden to Shame

Do you remember when Politico, which leans to the left, said that Governor DeSantis was ready for Hurricane Ian?That was indeed very endearing. The superstar Republican’s outstanding response to the historic storm has put naysayers in their place.

Not only has he enlisted the assistance of workers, volunteers, and corporations, but he is also pulling up his sleeves and providing assistance to those who are responding to the emergency.By providing workers with breakfast, he is even putting President Biden to shame.
A video of him preparing meals for the crews has gained widespread attention.Wow, it looks like this guy knows what he’s talking about .

Not only does he put in extra hours to assist in the reconstruction of villages that were damaged by the storm, but it appears that he has garnered the support of his detractors.The speed with which and the level of expertise with which DeSantis’ team has responded is embarrassing Joe Biden and leftist critics.In the hope that it would impair DeSantis’ chances in the forthcoming race, Democrats attempted to use the hurricane as an excuse to smear his reputation.

Instead, DeSantis chose not to make it about politics and instead concentrated on organizing a huge relief effort following the hurricane.They had 42,000 lineman working to restore power, 1,800 emergency relief personnel from over two dozen states, and even huge firms offering money and services thanks to the Republican governor.Just one day after the storm made landfall, thanks to the efforts of the governor, approximately 63,000 warm meals were provided to people in need at food banks located around the state.

As of the first of October, they have served more than 100,000 hot meals.Regardless of the standard by which you judge, DeSantis’s answer has been outstanding. His unwavering commitment to putting the needs of his people ahead of everything else has made him look better than Biden, who has been completely inactive as multiple catastrophes have befallen the United States.

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