Democrats Accused DeSantis of Asking for Relief

Democrats Accused DeSantis of Asking for Relief

Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, is currently working tirelessly around the clock to assist the people of his state.The state is in a race against time to provide rescue and recovery efforts as Hurricane Ian continues to move on. Florida has its own response funds, but just like the other states, it has asked the federal government for assistance.

The jackals of the far left, however, are using this natural calamity as an opportunity to criticize the popular governor.As is their custom, Democrats are attempting to alter historical events. DeSantis did cast a vote in favor of sending relief to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.On the other hand, he and several Republicans voted against an amended $50 billion package that had very little to do with Hurricane Sandy and had a lot of pork.

It would appear that Democrats are making a mistake in their criticism of DeSantis’s policies in Florida.In the face of a once in a half millennium calamity, he made the standard appeal for assistance from the federal government. Hurricane Ian was one of the most powerful storms that had made landfall in the United States.

In situations like these, assistance from the federal government is provided by each and every administration, regardless of whatever party is in power. This is not socialism because it has nothing to do with the regulation of private firms by a large central government.It’s funny how Democrats don’t even understand the policies they’ve created for themselves.

The Democrats in the state of New York even attempted to exploit the storm as a political weapon against DeSantis. They tried to smear DeSantis because of his vote against a $50 billion bill in 2013, making themselves sound like selfish, horrible toddlers in the process.The legislation was promoted as a way to help those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Instead, a very little portion of the money would be allocated to assisting American citizens.

The swamp dwellers of Washington, D.C., did what they always do and took advantage of the crises at the time to pad the bill with unnecessary pork. Something that could not be supported by a lawmaker with the same level of integrity as DeSantis.Criticizing a leader who is fighting to save his people is a rather terrible thing for Democrats to do, given that they are not harmed by the turmoil that Hurricane Ian has caused.

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