Biden Spends $290M on Drugs While Russia Threatens Nuclear War

Biden Spends $290M on Drugs While Russia Threatens Nuclear War
Biden Spends $290M on Drugs While Russia Threatens Nuclear War

Biden Spends $290M on Drugs While Russia Threatens Nuclear War

On the international stage, we have all witnessed Joe Biden’s repeated failures over and over again. He was powerless to prevent the Taliban from seizing control of Afghanistan. And he was not successful in preventing Putin’s invasion of our partner Ukraine.

In his relentless effort to invade Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has yet again made another threat to use nuclear weapons. This most recent warning was made just a few days ago. Biden made a grand statement, stating that he would not permit Putin to act in such a manner.

Bad timing, Joe. How can anyone think that this purchase of $290 million worth of pharmaceuticals used to treat radiation exposure is not a response to Putin’s threat? It’s almost as if President Biden is admitting that he doesn’t have a strategy to stop Vladimir Putin from dropping bombs. Even down to dropping bombs on the United States!

One may claim that this government is simply practicing for the possibility of a catastrophe occurring in the future. However, come on. When was the last time this government demonstrated any level of readiness for anything? It cannot even put a stop to a problem that has been going on in the supply chain for the past two years or put infant formula back on store shelves.

This could be a significant admission by Biden that he does not have any strategy for preventing a nuclear war started by Putin. Back in February, Joe Biden was blamed for allegedly giving Vladimir Putin the “go ahead” signal. Biden stated that there would be no reaction from the United States in the event that Russia undertook a minor invasion of Ukraine.

Putin ordered forces into the country almost shortly after that, which started a war that has been going on ever since it began.Even while the United States struggles with inflation and a recession, Biden has been giving billions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine as a means of overcompensating for a mistake he made.

But Putin has not been scared off by anything that Biden has said or done. It is quite evident that tyrants all around the world do not fear President Biden since he has gone out of his way to support the Taliban and other autocratic regimes. Many people in the United States are skeptical that Joe would be able to handle the situation if the worst were to occur while he was in office.