President Biden Shredded the 1st Amendment on Live TV

President Biden Shredded the 1st Amendment on Live TV
President Biden Shredded the 1st Amendment on Live TV

President Biden Shredded the 1st Amendment on Live TV

Over the course of many years, we have witnessed Joe Biden repeatedly violate our constitutional rights. He made an attempt to violate both our right to privacy and our right to practice our religion.

But this is only scratching the surface. Other provisions of the First Amendment are not particularly popular with Biden, either. It would appear that it would be to President Biden’s advantage if reporters weren’t, you know, doing their jobs around him. Because the grouchy old man said this as the press was being ushered out of a meeting as it was being closed.

Unbelievable. As members of the media were being asked to leave a meeting, President Joe Biden complained that their organization is the “only press in the world that does this.” Um, Joe, what exactly do you do? In point of fact, may I question you? Should we make an effort to hold you accountable for the failure of your presidency?

In point of fact, may I have you respond to a question that has been pre-drafted and pre-approved by your handlers? The fact that reporters from mainstream media outlets tried to get Biden to answer a question irritated him. reporters from mainstream media. originating from media outlets with a liberal bias. Even though they are his own reporters, Biden does not appreciate it when they question him.

The mass media is seen as nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party by the majority of Americans. I seriously doubt that they planned to grill him with a lot of difficult questions. The fact of the matter is, however, that Biden’s administration has taken extraordinary measures to keep him out of the public eye and away from the press.

And it’s not just because he reveals his mental decline when he’s left to his own devices; there are other reasons as well. The reason for this is that Biden has never shown any regard for the independent press. Biden’s disdain for the media began well before his candidacy for president in 2020. We have lost track of the number of occasions that he has sexually harassed a female reporter. Or the time when he yelled in someone’s face because they asked a straightforward query.

Biden is a typical Washington, D.C. liberal elite. It would appear that thinks he is more capable than we are. And he does not like it when the peons have the audacity to question his long history of corrupt behavior. It should come as no surprise that he would criticize the American press, which has liberties that the press in other countries does not have. In many regions of the world, confronting a government official might land a reporter in jail. They do not have access to the First Amendment, which prevents them from freely expressing their opinions.