What Happened After Chris Wallace Abandoned Fox for CNN

What Happened After Chris Wallace Abandons Fox for CNN

What Happened After Chris Wallace Abandoned Fox for CNN

Chris Wallace, a journalist, has spent his entire career with Fox News. On the other hand, he abruptly switched from the leading cable news network to CNN.

Due to the cancellation of the CNN+ streaming service, his show on the network was not successful. His second-place finish earned him a spot on a brand new show on the channel. But it seems like karma had other things in mind all along. Wallace abruptly left Fox News, which is arguably the most powerful news network in the United States, for unknown reasons.

The majority of other networks can’t compete with Fox News’ consistently strong ratings. And it consistently does better than CNN, which has been sliding further and further behind even MSNBC. Perhaps Wallace had the delusional belief that he could save the network. Or that his so-called dedicated viewers at Fox News would ignore?

Both of these hypotheses were proven to be false. The new show hosted by Wallace only had 401,000 viewers tune in. That’s the full amount. At the same time slot, Trey Gowdy was able to bring in more than 1.3 million viewers for Fox News.
Even less than half of the numbers were obtained by Wallace. That hurts on a whole other level. That is not acceptable. That is going to be terminated after the first performance.

Fox News listeners frequently chastised Wallace for having what they perceived to be a strong liberal mindset. The fair and balanced attitude that the other Fox hosts take did not appear to be reflected in his work. It’s possible that this is why people didn’t rush to watch his show when it aired on CNN.

He is hardly the only former Fox News anchor to quit the network only to be unsuccessful in their subsequent endeavors after leaving the company. The hopes of competing networks that Fox stars would attract new viewers were dashed when it became clear that this would not be the case.