The Congress Was Rocked by Threatening Shutdown

The Congress Was Rocked by Threatening Shutdown
The Congress Was Rocked by Threatening Shutdown

The Congress Was Rocked by Threatening Shutdown

Congress is in serious difficulty. To throw that out the window, the Democrats in Congress are in serious difficulty.

They are making every effort to keep everything under control until the midterm elections. If they make even one mistake, their prospects of retaining a few seats will be completely eliminated.
However, the deadline for the closure is coming up in fewer than seven days. And one of their own is causing a tense standoff between the two of them.

The Democrats are attempting to leverage the possibility of a government shutdown to compel Manchin’s side deal to be approved. There are a significant number of Democrats in the House who will not support it.

The bill is also available in a version favored by the Republicans. To avoid being defeated, Manchin needs the support of Republican lawmakers. Oh, boy! This is a difficult situation for Manchin and the Democrats that he leads. Just a few short weeks until the midterm elections, and they might be responsible for a shutdown of the government.

The majority of people in this country couldn’t care less if the government simply stopped functioning. However, those who rely on government assistance programs such as Social Security, Medicare, or the VA could be left in a lurch. The Democrats have until October to enact a continuing resolution. But Joe Manchin has a hand in holding everything up as part of a side arrangement.

Senator Manchin betrayed his constituents and the nation in order to support President Biden’s most recent socialist spending spree. Everything was for the purpose of him securing a pipeline for West Virginia. Now, an excessive number of Democrats are betraying him, and it is possible that his arrangement will not be approved.

After he has already betrayed the Republican Party by voting for Joe Biden’s tax-and-spend measure, he now wants their support for this legislation. The Republicans have developed their own version of the legislation that they would prefer to enact. Therefore, in a couple of days, we might be looking at a train catastrophe that results in the shutdown of the government. And the Democrats are entirely to blame for everything.