What Happened After Former Trump Aide Smears Melania

What Happened After Former Trump Aide Smears Melania
What Happened After Former Trump Aide Smears Melania

What Happened After Former Trump Aide Smears Melania

Melania Trump, who served as First Lady under the previous administration, is known to be a nice and quiet person. Her public persona is practically the exact opposite of the flamboyant attitude that her husband possesses.

A significant number of her supporters admire her sophistication and tact, particularly in regard to touchy subjects. Melania has deftly avoided the more contentious themes in politics, and her remarks are rarely, if ever, provocative. But Mrs. Trump was not thrilled to learn that a former staffer had been secretly recording her comments until she found out about it.

And this time, she made sure everyone was aware of it, albeit in a more ferocious style than we are used to seeing from her. Regarding statements made regarding Melania Trump’s Christmas celebrations at the White House, the former First Lady lashed out at both the mainstream media and her former assistant, Stephanie Wolkoff.

Wolkoff is accused of leaking secretly recorded and out-of-context comments in which Melania Trump vents some frustration over how the media reported on her Christmas decorations and how the media is covering the issue of the border. The comments were allegedly recorded in private and were taken out of context.

This was all a part of a larger conversation that was taking place at the time, and other comments that were made were not published. Melania Trump has now published a statement in which she responds to the recordings that were leaked by Wolkoff. In the statement, she adds that the former aide “spitefully altered” the remarks as well. That is a rather significant allegation to make.

Mrs. Trump concluded her remarks by asserting that Ms. Wolkoff is “untrustworthy” and that her employment with the First Lady’s Office was terminated in February of 2018.

It should come as no surprise that Wolkoff was terminated from her position at the White House because she breached the confidentiality condition of her employment agreement there. Having said that, the damage had already been done before the termination.

She takes a lot of interest in designing Christmas ornaments and other decorations for what is arguably the most important holiday of the year. Melania Trump’s Christmas decorations were usually favorably received while Donald Trump was in office.

In point of fact, you may purchase ornaments that she developed on and at USA when people that she is supposed to be able to trust leak edited versions of private discussions to the media, it is a valid reason for her to become outraged. Rarely does Melania Trump show anger, but she believes that her rage is warranted in this situation.