The Texas Leader Signs Historic Executive Order

The Texas Leader Signs Historic Executive Order
The Texas Leader Signs Historic Executive Order

The Texas Leader Signs Historic Executive Order

The Department of Homeland Security DHS has released even more historic numbers, which indicate that the crisis at the border is still in full gear. It has been estimated that there would be over 2 million arrests and run-ins with law enforcement in 2022.

Republican leaders all around the country are worried about the porous border, which they see as an open invitation to criminals. Particularly the drug cartels have been making the most of the situation for many years. But now, the leader of a southern state is taking bold action, and this might ultimately make life a lot safer for every resident of the United States.

Drug trafficking coming into the United States from Mexico, Central America, and South America has been a source of concern for American citizens and conservative politicians alike for a very long time.

The United States is currently experiencing a fresh fentanyl pandemic, but the government of President Joe Biden seems to be avoiding the problem. Many people view this as more proof that our administration does not place much importance on the border.

On the other hand, governors like Greg Abbott ceased pleading with the federal government for assistance a long time ago. They have been making measures to safeguard their inhabitants from the consistent influx of illegal immigrants, and Mr. Abbott has often been at the forefront of leading that charge.

Abbott singled out the problem of fentanyl and brought to everyone’s attention the fact that Mexican drug gangs are responsible for the production and distribution of significant quantities of the substance. These cartels have been a source of frustration for the United States for many years.

The fact of the matter is that these drug cartels are responsible for the terror that is plaguing the country. According to the Governor, this indicates that they ought to have suitable labels affixed to them.

In accordance with the directive, the Texas Department of Public Safety must “identify groups that are aiding Mexican cartels and work to recover assets as well as destroy cartel networks,” among other directives.

In addition, Abbott has instructed all Texas authorities to concentrate on the fentanyl epidemic, which includes monitoring workplaces and educational institutions. In addition to this, we will be educating the general public through the use of public service announcements and social media.

Last but not least, Governor Abbott penned a letter to Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden, asking them to join him in designating the drug cartels as terrorist organizations.

The fact that nothing has been done by this administration to address illegal immigration in any form or the situation at the border raises the possibility that this will not occur. And many people believe that there are no indications that the situation is getting any better.

In the event that nothing is done, you can anticipate that the situation at the border will continue to be a significant theme for the midterm elections, and it may lead to a clear transfer in power in Washington, D.C.