President Joe Biden Breaks Concerning Record 4 Months Early

President Joe Biden Breaks Concerning Record 4 Months Early
President Joe Biden Breaks Concerning Record 4 Months Early

President Joe Biden Breaks Concerning Record 4 Months Early

Biden is not able to lay claim to breaking very many records at this point. And the United States does not emerge victorious in any of these scenarios.

The prosperity of the United States of America has significantly declined due to Joe’s leadership. Because of one significant issue, the situation is only going to get worse.
The situation is rapidly deteriorating, and now, Biden has reached a new and even more precarious milestone.

Border patrol officers were able to make two million arrests in just eleven months because of former President Joe Biden’s ineffective border policy (if it can even be called that). A brand-new high! Biden is placing blame on the governments of Latin American countries for their inaction in addressing the issue. Bu-but… I was under the impression that Kamala had resolved that issue by offering them millions of dollars in bribes, er, “help.”

Didn’t Kamala remark that the solution to this problem was all the money that the United States donated to these countries?
Now, President Joe Biden is complaining that these governments (which, in some cases, represent failed dictatorships in third-world countries) are preventing millions of people from entering our nation.

Why should they do that? The migration of millions of individuals from Latin American countries to the United States would be beneficial for Latin America. To begin with, this eliminates the need for them to worry about millions of more people. Millions of mouths that they don’t have to feed, millions of people that they don’t have to take care of: these are the things that they don’t have to worry about.

In addition to this, the majority of these aliens work in the United States and pay the money back to their home countries. Therefore, these countries in Latin America are engaging in double-dipping! Money from both Joe Biden and these people who are working illegally. It’s a win for both sides!

It takes a complete moron to have expected these nations to contribute, given that they have no leverage. However, if you shut down the border and strictly enforced our rules, these foreign nations would have been compelled to comply. Since Biden is not making any moves, the hordes are continuing to arrive.