The FBI Just Got Rocked by New Donald Trump Evidence

The FBI Just Got Rocked by New Donald Trump's Evidenc
The FBI Just Got Rocked by New Donald Trump's Evidenc

The FBI Just Got Rocked by New Donald Trump Evidence

John Durham is continuing to look at the inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 election involving Donald Trump.

In recent months, a lot of information has become public, yet a lot of questions still remain. And just recently, a new piece of information regarding the activities of the FBI has become public.
The FBI’s reputation is not going to improve as a result of this at all.

Danchenko was the purported source of information for Christopher Steele, the former British spy who was hired by Democrats to compile a dossier on Donald Trump and his associates. Steele was paid by Democrats. This dossier, which has been proven to be mainly false, was used by the FBI to initiate a suspicious investigation against Trump both before and after the election in 2016.

This provided Democrats with ammo to use against Trump, helping them portray him as a Russian puppet. Even after Special Counsel, Mueller’s investigation established that no American worked with Russia, Democrats continue to attack the president.

One of the notorious characters at the center of this dossier was Danchenko. He is being investigated for his role in this affair, and one of the charges against him is lying to the FBI. However, new information suggests that he started working for the FBI as a paid informant not long after Trump was inaugurated as president.

Around the same time, the discredited former head of the FBI, James Comey, was conducting his own investigations of the then-President of the United States, Donald Trump.It would appear that there is a conflict of interest, wouldn’t you say? This Danchenko person collaborated with the Democrats to fabricate negative information against Trump.

But then turns out to be a paid informant for an FBI that appears to have been politically tainted (against an incumbent president)? Does anyone else smell a rat? Who would have thought that the FBI would pay someone who should have been the subject of an inquiry themselves?

And we’re supposed to have faith in this FBI even while it accuses Trump of doing wrong things, right? In what direction does this rat’s nest go deeper? And what is it that we are going to learn in the following step?