The VP Harris Uncovered Alarming Democrat Plan After Midterms

The VP Harris Uncovered Alarming Democrat Plan After Midterms
The VP Harris Uncovered Alarming Democrat Plan After Midterms

The VP Harris Uncovered Alarming Democrat Plan After Midterms

Ever since the momentous decision by the Supreme Court that reversed Roe v. Wade, infuriated Democrats have been attempting, via a variety of different means, to defend and advance the right to have abortions.

This includes the desire to use funding from Medicaid for abortions and using federal dollars to assist pregnant women in obtaining abortions in other states. And if they manage to keep their hold on power, they will strive for even more.

Kamala Harris, the Vice president, provided details regarding the party’s strategy in the event that Democrats are victorious in the upcoming midterm elections.

The Senate is now deadlocked with no party holding a majority or minority, but Democrats have a slight advantage because President Harris has the casting vote in the event of a tie, and she almost always votes to support progressive causes.

Even if Republicans just gain one seat, they will be able to derail a significant number of bills that are being considered for passage. However, things could get difficult for the Republican Party if the Democrats were to take even a few seats and establish themselves as the clear majority.

During an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Harris stated that her party intends to “eliminate the filibuster rule in order to pass abortion and voting reform.” The very same thing has been giving conservatives cause for fear all along.

The host, Chuck Todd, questioned whether Democrats intend to abolish the filibuster in its entirety or if they will only do so for this specific matter. She said that the president has been clear on this topic and on another very important matter, which is voting rights. However, the Vice President did not provide a definitive answer to all of the questions.

Leftists persist in their assertion that the Supreme Court violated a “constitutional right” when it returned the decision over abortion to the jurisdiction of the states. On the other side, Republicans maintain that this ought to have been the situation all along.

Now, blue states are becoming even more tolerant when it comes to abortions, while “trigger laws” that effectively outlaw abortions have been put into action in a number of red states.

However, that is by no means the conclusion of the tale. These trigger laws are currently encountering legal obstacles owing to the reaction from Democrats, and the federal government continues to push an aggressive pro-choice agenda despite these legal challenges.

If they are successful in maintaining their control of the House and Senate, we may anticipate that legislation such as the Women’s Health Protection Act would be easily passed. This will, in essence, bring Roe v. Wade back, albeit in a modified version.The fact that there is clearly a great deal at stake ought to serve as an even stronger incentive for Conservatives and Republicans to cast their votes in the upcoming midterm elections.