This is What Happened Before Anti-Trump Document Leak

This is What Happened Before Anti-Trump Document Leak
This is What Happened Before Anti-Trump Document Leak

This is What Happened Before Anti-Trump Document Leak

The investigation that the FBI is conducting into Donald Trump is still ongoing. A federal judge has rebuked the Department of Justice under Biden for what seems to be the improper treatment of the documents that were taken from Mar-a-Largo.

Because they could fall into the wrong hands, the Department of Justice is coming after Trump for keeping classified information in his possession. Despite this, it appears that they are the ones who disclosed confidential material to the general public.
They did it again only a few hours after the judge admonished them for committing that behavior, but they did it again.

Isn’t this a fascinating fact? Trump is being attacked by Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) and the liberal media because of the materials he was in possession of. Their argument is that Trump was putting the safety of the United States at risk by releasing the documents because they could have been taken from Mar-a-Largo (or otherwise leaked to the public).

However, it seemed as though those records were in good hands with Trump, don’t you think? When he had access to them, the Washington Post did not manage to obtain any of them and publish them. Some of this sensitive information didn’t start making its way onto the internet until after the raid that Biden’s DOJ conducted on Trump’s house. It would appear that one individual working for the Department of Justice has an unhealthy level of familiarity with an individual working for the Washington Post.

Because this is the second time in as many days that the website has claimed to have received information regarding the investigation from unnamed sources who are familiar with the probe. According to the most recent report, Donald Trump was in possession of top-secret information regarding the military defenses of a foreign nation.

Big deal. Since he had served as president, he most likely had a number of records of that kind. While they were in Mar-a-Largo, those records were securely stored in a location that featured a number of locks and keys.

It would appear that Biden’s Department of Justice has a problem with leaks. Even the federal judge who is supervising this case has criticized the Department of Justice for the manner in which it consistently provides details to the press.

The left’s entire case against Trump is weakened as a result of these leaks. The 45th president was diligently keeping these documents out of harm’s way. Nobody saw a thing of them, not even their backs. However, while in the hands of the FBI, more details emerge. One more breach, and who knows what will happen? It’s possible that the court will dismiss the entire case.