California Democrat Just Admitted the Elephant in the Room

California Democrat Just Admitted the Elephant in the Room
California Democrat Just Admitted the Elephant in the Room

California Democrat Just Admitted the Elephant in the Room

Biden has made an attempt to deflect criticism for the record high inflation we are seeing. In spite of this, he was a proponent of the Inflation Reduction Act at the same time.

Really? Is it your fault, Joe, because prices are rising, or not? The fact that costs are now nine percent higher than they were one year ago is, I suppose, just a mystery. Now, though, at least one Democrat has admitted the true cause of inflation. Democrat Ro Khanna of California’s 24th Congressional District agreed that the federal stimulus payments had an inflationary influence.

But, oh, did he try his hardest to put a positive gloss on it so that it would sound appealing. First, he attempted to shift blame for the scandal onto Donald Trump.

In 2020, the government did, in fact, distribute relief cheques under the leadership of President Trump. However, he was unable to refute that President Biden had increased the number of checks that he had issued as the economy began to improve.

Numerous people pointed out that Biden’s policy of maintaining extended unemployment benefits while also disseminating extra relief cheques was detrimental to our economy. Because of the free money provided by Biden, millions of people choose not to go back to work. It is important to keep in mind that Trump issued checks even as the government shutdown caused many people to lose their jobs.

Khanna asserted that Biden’s checks saved a lot of people from unemployment, but this was not proven. But contrary evidence can be found in history. The continued distribution of welfare handouts by Biden kept people out of work at a time when small companies were having trouble opening their doors.

Old Joe sent nearly one trillion dollars’ worth of brand new money into the economy via spending. That had the effect of lowering the value of the dollar at precisely the wrong time, which is the textbook definition of inflation.

No matter how Khanna tries to spin it, the fact remains that he has conceded that Biden’s careless check-writing destroyed our economy. Inflation continued to worsen as a direct result of Biden’s anti-American energy strategy, which led to an increase in the price of gasoline. There has been no significant decrease in the price of gasoline since Joe Biden was in office.