SCOTUS Probe Into Roe v Wade Draft Leaker Went Unresolved

SCOTUS Probe Into Roe v Wade Draft Leaker Went Unresolved
SCOTUS Probe Into Roe v Wade Draft Leaker Went Unresolved

SCOTUS Probe Into Roe v Wade Draft Leaker Went Unresolved

There has been no new information about the leaker’s identity in the nearly four months since the Supreme Court draft ruling overturning Roe v. Wade was made public.

Former high court clerks on both sides of the political spectrum were uniformly stunned when Justice Samuel L. Alito Jr.’s draft dropped online, according to The Washington Times. However, they are divided over whether the court should identify the culprit and whether the leaker needs to be punished to prevent future disclosures of controversial cases.

Some believe the mystery may never be solved, or at least made public, despite the seriousness of the breach of high court etiquette and protocol, the study notes.If they haven’t found the culprit by now, they won’t go public with their findings. Carolyn Shapiro said that he doesn’t think the public will find out.

Recently, one Republican senator inferred that the Supreme Court’s liberal justices probably know who the leaker is. Representative Matt Rosendale of Montana said he thought the leaker’s identity was known by at least some of the justices. The justices who were nominated by Democratic presidents knew who the leaker was,

That he continued, and They could probably all agree on that. It’s not just that it weakened the institution and the trust that people had built up among themselves that concerns me; it’s also that, once that trust has been shattered, it’s hard to mend.

Rosendale has stated his confidence that the leaker or leakers will be identified. More people could get involved, and those people could get all the way to the top,’ he said. That we Don’t have to get rid of the judges; we’ve got friends here, so that’ll never happen. No way.

Try to ponder that for a moment. Today, Michael Sussmann is standing trial for his involvement in the Russiagate scandal. Six years have passed since then. These responses have just emerged. Please don’t make me wait another six years to find out what occurred at the Supreme Court.

In early May, the draft opinion made its way to Politico. As noted by the source, the draft opinion is a full-throated, unabashed denunciation of the 1973 judgment which established federal constitutional protections of abortion rights, and a subsequent 1992 decision – Planned Parenthood v.

Casey mostly protected the right. Alito said that Roe was egregiously incorrect from the outset in the Opinion of the Court. For these reasons, we conclude that the Constitution does not guarantee the right to abortion. He further said that the power to control abortion should be returned to the people and their representatives and that the Supreme Court decisions Roe and Casey should be overturned.

Shawn Fleetwood wrote an article for The Federalist in which he criticized Chief Justice John Roberts and warned that it would “create a dangerous precedent” if the leaker wasn’t found.

Although he has spoken harshly about the leak of the draft judgment, Chief Justice Roberts has not said whether or not the investigation into who leaked the document is complete. It appears highly abnormal that court authorities have not yet publicly identified the leaker, given the long-held and respected inner workings of SCOTUS and the small pool of individuals authorized access to draft rulings, Fleetwood wrote.

Roberts’ failure to provide swift and deserved accountability to the individual responsible, regardless of the status of the investigation, sets a dangerous precedent in which overtly political figures working at the Supreme Court can leak decisions prior to their release without fear of repercussions.

There is no assurance that this pattern will hold regarding other high-profile cases in the future, or that future judges will display similar fortitude, he continued, referring to the current conservative majority’s resolve in the face of ugly threats from left-wing protestors. There’s a chance the Supreme Court already knows who leaked, but has kept that information secret.